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Welcome To The Space Jam: SpaceX Launches New Batch of Satellites

SpaceX has launched a new batch of Starlink internet satellites into orbit.

The Falcon 9 rocket blasted off late last night from Cape Canaveral with 60 broadband satellites, as part of the company's plan to provide worldwide internet service. SpaceX now has over 1,500 Starlink satellites in orbit. After this latest launch, the first-stage rocket had a successful sea landing on the SpaceX drone ship, the seventh one this year.

According to, SpaceX is continuing the rapid launch pace set last year, as the Hawthorne, California-based rocket builder celebrated its 12th launch so far in 2021. The majority of those launches have been SpaceX's own Starlink satellites, as the company surpasses its initial internet constellation of 1,440 broadband satellites.

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