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Most Of Sacramento Valley Stays Red, While Amador County Moves Up A Tier

In the final weeks of using California's color coded tier reopening guidelines, more movement is happening in what seems like most of the state except for the Sacramento region. Most locally, Amador County is advancing from the orange tier to the least restrictive yellow tier. Sacramento County is staying in the red however as Covid-19 metrics show no signs of improving enough to bump up a tier. The California Department of Public Health released new metrics Tuesday, showing most of the state is heading towards orange and yellow tiers.

"Five counties are moving to a less restrictive tier, although local public health departments may implement policies that are more restrictive than the state. From Red (substantial) to Orange (moderate): Tehama. From Orange (moderate) to Yellow (minimal): Amador, Orange, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz. No counties moved to a more restrictive tier. No counties remain in the Purple (widespread) tier, 10 remain in the Red (substantial) tier, 35 in the Orange (moderate) tier and 13 are in the Yellow (minimal) tier."

While Sacramento remains in red, the state reports no counties are moving backwards into more restrictive tiers. By June 15th, the colored tier system for reopening will not be applicable since Governor Gavin Newsom has set that date to fully reopen the state and lift the indoor and outdoor mask mandate.

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