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UPDATE: Nearby Fires Could Be Connected To San Jose VTA Mass Shooting

Police say eight people are dead after a mass shooting in downtown San Jose. Russell Davis with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office confirmed the shooter is also dead, the cause of death unconfirmed but some suspect he killed himself on the scene. The shooting took place at Valley Transit Authority north yard early Wednesday morning. Davis said many of the victims are city transportation employees and several are wounded and in the hospital. Police say the suspect is an employee of the city transportation agency and NBC News identifying the man as Samuel Cassidy. NBC adds some tell them he killed himself at the shooting scene.

There are unconfirmed reports the shooting took place during a union meeting and two fires in the area may have been connected to the massacre. Early reports say ammo and gasoline are being found inside one of the houses, supposedly owned by the suspected VTA shooter Samuel Cassidy. FBI and ATF agents are also on the scene investigating the nearby fires. No confirmed connection has been identified between the VTA yard mass shooting and the two nearby fires. All 3 events did take place around 6:30 AM Wednesday morning. The San Jose Fire Department says the two fires are located at 1800 block of Smith Ave and 1100 block of Angmar Court both reaching two alarms.

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