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Arden Car Accident Starts With Gun Shots And Ends With Dog Napping

Three people are hospitalized after a car accident occurred on the corner of Fulton Avenue and Sierra Boulevard near the Campus Commons neighborhood Thursday afternoon. A vehicle crashed into a tree, injuring the three in the car. The Sacramento County Sheriff confirms the car was shot at before the crash and the male driver sustained several gunshot wounds. The car contained two men and one woman, who Sheriff's Deputies say were highly uncooperative to the investigation, not providing any details, motive, or description of the shooter.

During the aftermath of the accident, those on the scene say a bystander took the dog from the scene that was in the accident and drove off. The dog has since been recovered after a bystander followed the car and got the license plate number. The dog remains with animal control. Once the authorities arrived, they transported all three injured passengers to the hospital and cleared the scene. The Sacramento Sheriff also noted that no one has been arrested in connection to the dog napping or shooting. They ask any witnesses contact the Sheriff's non-emergency phone line to provide a statement.


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