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California Touring Industry Bouncing Back

There are new signs this morning that Calfornia's tourism industry is bouncing back rapidly.

There were 78,000 travelers passing through TSA checkpoints on Friday alone. That's well above the trend for the month of May, which has seen an average of more than 61,000 passengers each day. It's been the busiest month since early 2020, before the pandemic started. But, it's still only about half the volume of travelers seen in May of 2019.

With California tourism on the rise, experts weigh in on the recovery towards the state's economy. “Our latest forecast, compiled in partnership with Tourism Economics, bears out a pandemic recovery that will take us about four years, in fact,” said Visit California CEO Caroline Beteta, who oversees the nonprofit organization tasked with driving domestic and international visitation to the state, according to North Bay Business Journal.

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