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City Of Susanville Suing Newsom Administration Over Prison Closure


Photo: AFP

The city of Susanville plans to sue the Newsom administration over their plans to shut down a state prison next year.

City leaders are worried, reportedly claiming it would devastate the local economy. The Newsom administration announced the decision was made over the declining numbers of incarcerated Californians, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic,which resulted in early releases for thousands of inmates. According to The Sacramento Bee, in January 2020, the Susanville facility, known as CCC, housed 4,054 inmates.

The city of Susanville is asking for a comprehensive analysis from the state, detailing how CCC compares with other CDCR facilities and what metrics were used to select it for closure. The prion is set to close on June 30th of next year, which employs more than 11% of the people who live in Susanville.

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