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Governor Newsom Hints At A State Electronic Vaccine Card System

Speaking in San Francisco Monday afternoon, Governor Gavin Newsom says there is going to be a new way to verify vaccine status. Newsom says later this week he will be announcing an electronic way to track Covid-19 vaccinations, for private companies that chose to do so. Not many details were given out, but he hinted more is to come on this topic...

"It's not a passport. It's not a requirement. It's just the ability now to have an electronic version of that paper version and so you'll hear more about that in the next couple of days."

Starting Tuesday, the state will fully reopen and drop the mask mandate for most areas and remove the social distancing requirements. The Department of Health and Human Services's Dr. Mark Ghaly outlined that starting on June 15th, masks are optional in businesses, at least for customers at this moment. Dr. Ghlay says private businesses have a few options: they can ask customers if they are fully vaccinated so they can go without masks, but no proof is needed using an honor system; ask customers to prove they are fully vaccinated so they can go without masks; or require all customers to still mask up regardless of proof or vaccination status. The electronic system would help address the issue of asking for proof, in case people do not have their cards on them.

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