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Crowbar Wielding Driver Attacks Several Citizens In Carmichael On Monday

A chaotic Monday morning for the residents in Carmichael after an erratic driver was spotted driving up on the curb around 9am. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department says the suspect proceeded to run over a pedestrian, turning around to hit a second person who was coming to the aid of the first pedestrian. After that, the driver continued along Cypress Avenue and rear-ended another vehicle and rammed that car forward about 100 yards forward. Spokesperson for the Sacramento Sheriff's Department Sergeant Rodney Grassman says the suspect pulled a crowbar or weapon of some type and starting beating the car and person inside. They ran to seek safety with a private security patrol on the area. From there, the suspect then goes into a nearby trailer with people inside and pulls a gun on the male victim inside. According to Grassman, someone else inside the trailer shot and injured the suspect but did not kill them. In total, one person has been killed and three injured including the suspect who is currently in custody. Grassman says all of these events unfolded in a matter of minutes, with law enforcement being called onto the scene after the suspect was shot and incapacitated. The Department has not confirmed or given any details at this time of the suspects identity or motive.

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