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Sacramento Post-Pandemic Economy Struggling To Climb Back

Germany Maintains Semi-Lockdown In Effort To Rein In Coronavirus Infections

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It looks like Sacramento's recovery from the pandemic-related economic downturn is a going to be a rocky one.

To tell us more, here's KFBK's Johnny D'Agostini:

KFBK's Johnny D'Agostini

An analysis by The Sacramento Bee found the region's restaurants suffered the most during the worst of the pandemic, and continue to struggle with labor shortages. Movie theaters, gyms, and some retailers also saw significant declines with weak recovery numbers still affecting those businesses. However, there were many sectors that saw no job losses, like the state government, construction, and Amazon.

Experts also note that the overall unemployment numbers have improved from a 14% high in May 2020 to 6.2% in June 2021.

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