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A Recall Election Against Governor Newsom Will Go Forward

California Governor Gavin Newsom Visits Reopened Elementary In Palo Alto

Photo: Getty Images North America

A recall election against California Governor Gavin Newsom is being given the green light. 

Secretary of State Shirley Weber says over 1.7 million verified signatures were gathered, which is more than enough for the process to go through. The next step is for the state Department of Finance to estimate how much the election will cost. The estimate must be submitted to the Secretary of State by August 5th.

A spokesperson for California's Department of Finance previously told CNN the recall would cost about $215.2 million. A date has not yet been set. Critics of Newsom had met the state's threshold for a recall election in April following a sprawling effort to gather signatures in every county that was backed by key Republican strategists.

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