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California Parent Groups Prepare To Sue State Over School Mask Mandates


Photo: AFP

Local parents, along with parents from Southern California, are preparing to sue the state of California over the mandated that requires children to wear masks in public schools. 

The Facebook group, called "Reopen California schools" has helped NorCal parents raise $40,000 for legal fees. The Facebook group have already successfully sued Governor Newsom to reopen schools. Johnathan Zachreson's group started raising money to sue the state, first over required asymptomatic testing and so-called “close-contact” quarantines that sent thousands of healthy students back home for weeks – many without even online instruction because they were in classrooms – fully masked – with a student who allegedly tested positive.

The parents point to known false positives from the state lab and kids who were quarantined even after repeatedly testing negative. It’s a message the parents hope the CDPH hears – but they’re still raising money for their lawsuit, just in case.

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