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Mayor Steinberg Holds State Of The City

California Legislators Vote On State's Embattled Budget

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Steinberg held his state of the city address last night, much of the focus was directed towards fixing the high number of homeless and getting them safer places to stay.

Steinberg began the State of the City address highlighting the ways that Sacramento has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic. According to ABC10, Steinberg highlighted other successes that came out of the pandemic era in terms of business development, housing and police reform, then dived into the city's lasting problems, namely, homelessness. 

“I refuse, the community refuses, to accept the present reality,” Steinberg said of the city's unsheltered population problem.

Steinberg proposed $75 million in funding to address homelessness to carry out a Master Siting Plan, which would essentially bring thousands of unsheltered people into short and long-term organized camping sites, tiny homes, safe parking sites, and more according to the project website.

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