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Sacramento County Children COVID Vaccinations Lower Than State Average


Photo: AFP

The number of Sacramento County children getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is lower than the state average. 

Data from the state's Department of Health shows around 35% of those aged 12 to 17 have received at least one shot of the vaccine in Sacramento County. The statewide average is 40%. Vaccination rates in neighboring counties are higher with Yolo County out-pacing Sacramento by 10%. "I have talked to many parents, many kids about vaccination and there is some vaccine hesitancy," says Dr. Dean Blumberg, professor and Chief of Pediatric Diseases at UC Davis Children's Hospital, according to ABC10.

He says he still sees a number of children's COVID cases, some as young as newborns.

"COVID is still with us. It's still a risk and your risk of getting COVID are much higher than any side effects from the vaccines," Blumberg said.

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