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Sacramento County Rolling Out New Cash Program For Families In Need

A new program is rolling out in Sacramento County to give families-in-need extra cash to get out of poverty.

Operated and funded by United Way,with help from nonprofit UpTogether, the guaranteed income program will send $300 checks to one-hundred families across Sacramento County,who are making less than 150% of the California Poverty Measure. The 100 families participating in the program were selected through a lottery. The payments started going out in June, and will last for two years, reportedly with "no strings attached."

According to United Way Kula König, the size of the household was chosen by lottery.

“What we are doing is investing in families that have shown the power to get out of poverty, but we want to be able to help them build resilience. “König said. “For $ 300 a month they’re getting, they can use it in a meaningful way (for them). They save it and pay a down payment for the house or buy a reliable car. You can use it for. You can get to work. It builds its resilience and savings, etc., so it helps prevent them from falling into a cycle of poverty."

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