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Billionaire Jeff Bezos Returns To Earth After Short Flight To Space

Billionaire Jeff Bezos is back on Earth after a short flight to the edge of space. 

The Amazon founder lifted off with his crew from West Texas this morning. He went up in a rocket designed by his own company, Blue Origin. The crew capsule landed and it marked the second trip by a billionaire to space this month. Richard Branson blasted off about a week ago. Bezos said being in zero gravity “felt so normal, it felt like, almost like, we were, as humans, evolved to be in that environment which I know is impossible.” Asked how do you bring the cost of space travel down over time so it's more accessible to everyone, Jeff Bezos said, "You've got to do it the same way we did it with commercial airline travel." 

He said that space travel is in the "barnstormer phase" right now.

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