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Kamala Harris Says She Will Campaign For Governor Newsom In Recall

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Vice President Kamala Harris says she will campaign for Governor Newsom in his recall fight.

Harris is a former California Senator, Attorney General, San Francisco District Attorney. She did not offer details of how or when she will campaign for Newsom. The news comes as Democrats are kicking off their campaign to help Newsom keep his seat as governor, with a recall election less than two months away. An East Bay native, the vice president would be a high-profile surrogate for Newsom in his efforts, and could potentially offer a strong fundraising draw, as well.

State officials set the gubernatorial recall election for Sept. 14 after authorities determined organizers obtained enough valid signatures. California residents withdrew only 43 signatures in the allotted 30-day period from April 26 to June 8, leaving 1,719,900 verified signers — surpassing the roughly 1.5 million required to proceed with their bid.

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