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CA Public Health Now Recommends Masks Indoor Regardless Of Vax Status

California health officials are urging everyone to wear masks indoors in public settings. The California Department of Public Health is recommending indoor masking regardless of vaccination status to prevent the spread of the deadly Delta variant. While this guidance seems to be a reversal of the previous status for masking in the state since the June 15th reopening, it is important to note this is not a mandate and only a recommendation. The CDPH says about 15% of the population in the state is still unable to get vaccinated, either due to age or medical conflict. The department also says about 80% of the new Covid-19 cases were due to the contagious Delta variant.

More than 90% of California's population is currently living in areas considered to be of substantial or high transmission under federal guidelines. There are still several places that you are required to wear a mask regardless of status, including public transportation like buses and planes, indoors for any K-12 classrooms and daycares, and while in emergency shelters and medical facilities. Getting vaccinated helps protect people from the coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those unvaccinated are still required to mask up in any sort of public and indoor setting.

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