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Half Of California Now Under Mask Mandate, Bay Area Joins Northern Counties


Photo: AFP

This morning, half of California now under mask mandates as several Bay Area counties join Sacramento, Yolo, and Los Angeles counties.  

Vaccinated or not, residents in the Bay must wear face masks indoors. The order comes amid concerns about the growing Delta coronavirus variant, and the recent surge of cases in California and the rest of the country. New California cases have jumped from fewer than 900 a day at the end of May to more than 9,000 a day now, according to state data. Nationally, new cases hit a low point in late June of about 12,000 per day, but they have now shot up to more than 78,000 a day, according to data from the New York Times.

However, many health officials believe cases will begin to lower once mask mandates are reinstated and followed, and vaccinations continue to rollout for the country,

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