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California Regulators Announce Cut Water Supplies For Thousands Of Farmers

Photo: AFP

California regulators have announced they will cut water supplies to thousands of farmers.

The farmers have been told they're not allowed to pull water from the state’s main rivers and streams as the drought worsens. It affects water being supplied from the rivers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed. Amid one of California's worst droughts, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed has been suffering from low supply as demand continues to climb.

"This drought is very real," said Karen Ross, secretary of California's Department of Food and Agriculture. "It is a painful moment."

Under the new order, Californians who plan to divert more than 55 gallons per day from rivers or streams in this region must submit a petition and proposal to the state's deputy director for approval. All water rights holders must also report their water use and submit a certification to comply with the new standards, according to CNN.

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