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Roseville Exploring Alternatives Due To Lowering Folsom Lake Levels

The city of Roseville is exploring alternative ways to help reduce reliance on Folsom Lake.

Excess surface water is stored or "banked" in an underground aquifer with existing groundwater and used during dry times. Work is underway to advance two new wells to increase the amount of water than can be stored and recovered when needed. “Obviously this is a year, a drought year, where we’re able now to call upon that water that we’ve stored underground and put it to beneficial use,” said Trevor Joseph, a City of Roseville hydrogeologist. “We’ve been investing in this technology and this is a year we can actually use it.”

Just a couple of years ago, the city was able to store 600 million gallons of extra surface water from Folsom Reservoir in aquifers beneath the city, according to CBS13.

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