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Sacramento City Council Members To Vote On Steinberg Plan For Homeless


Photo: AFP

Today Sacramento city council members are scheduled to vote on mayor Darrell Steinberg’s ambitious $100 million plan to house the homeless in the city. 

City leaders have identified 20 sites all around Sacramento where tiny homes and homeless shelters will be built. The city council meets at 5 pm. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg released on Wednesday the city’s first Homeless Master Siting Plan, paving the way for City Council to pre-approve certain sites as homeless shelters and temporary housing solutions. 

“If we just approve one site at a time, we’re going to spend months negotiating, sometimes arguing, with a particular community, and we are going to take one big step forward but too many steps backwards,” Steinberg said during a press conference Wednesday. “And doing nothing is not an alternative.” Steinberg proposed a $100 million investment over the next two years to support the plan’s implementation. Still, questions remain about the sites locations, many of which are unequally distributed across the city and aren’t in more wealthy areas like Curtis Park, Land Park, Natomas or even the mayor’s own Pocket neighborhood, according to Capital Public River.

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