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Sacramento City Council Unanimously Moves Forward On Homeless Plan

The Sacramento City Council has unanimously voted to move forward with a massive plan to address homelessness in Sacramento.

The plan will establish 20 temporary Safe Ground shelter sites, which include campsites and tiny homes. Mayor Darrell Steinberg said the city's plan to address homeless is not meant as a cure to the problem. Another complaint by some community members and council members was the plan lacking a clear directive to address racial, geographic, and socioeconomic equity. Council members and the mayor agreed on a motion for an amendment to include those issues in the plan, according to KCRA3.

The plan calls for $100 million over two years. The source of funding has not been finalized. "Success will get us the money," Steinberg said. "We will show a difference in our communities. We will get more money. We always do."

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