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More Than One Million Voters Have Returned Ballots For Recall Deadline

Gov. Newsom Holds News Conference On California Assault Weapons Ban Case

Photo: Getty Images North America

More than one million voters have already returned their ballots as the deadline to vote in California's governor's recall election approaches. 

That's about 5% of the ballots that were mailed out to state voters. Ballot tracker Paul Mitchell with Political Data Inc., says the ballots returned so far have been overwhelmingly from registered Democrats and that's good news for Governor Newsom. 

The recall election will be held in-person on September 14th. The deadline to register to vote online at is Aug. 30. If you miss the deadline, you can register in person — and cast a provisional ballot — up until Sept. 14. For more information about how to cast a same-day ballot, go here.

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