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At Least 24 Students From Sacramento Stranded In Afghanistan

Photo: U.S. Marine Corps

At least 24 students from the Sacramento, California area are stranded in Afghanistan, with the Taliban now solidly in control and all U.S. forces having withdrawn yesterday. 

The San Juan Unified School District students have not returned to campus since the Fall semester began, now two weeks after Taliban leaders took control of the country's capital. The plight of the eight Cajon Valley school district families was disclosed last week by district officials. They initially reported six families - about 16 adults and 24 students - were stranded and that one of those families returned to California by last Wednesday.

In an update emailed Monday, district spokesman Howard Shen told Reuters that three families were confirmed to have made it back and that several children "returned to school on Monday to the open arms of their teachers and classmates."

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