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Land Park Residents, Family, Friends Join Vigil For Mary Tibbitts

Hundreds of Land Park area residents, family, friends, and more, joining in a vigil Thursday night in memory of a local woman killed in her home a week ago. 

For about an hour, people took to the microphone to tell stories about their friend, Mary "Kate" Tibbitts. The tragedy of 61-year-old Kate Tibbitts’ killing shocked and saddened the community, leading to a massive show of support. Along with those sharing stories of Tibbitts, there were others who can’t speak. Tibbitts loved dogs and was a long time volunteer at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

Troy Davis, a multiple felon, is charged with Tibbitts' murder. The victim's family says Davis should have never been released from custody on the unrelated charges he was facing before Tibbits' murder.

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