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California Recall Election Happening Tomorrow

Recall election happening tomorrow. 

Recent polls show more than 50% of voters are opposed to cutting the Democratic governor's term short, and Democratic voters outnumber Republicans by more than 5 million. Tuesday's ballot asks voters if they want to recall Newsom and, if so, which of 46 candidates they want to take his place. If more than 50% of voters favor a recall, the candidate with the most votes will be the new governor.

Actress Rose McGowan hit the campaign trail over the weekend to support Republican frontrunner in recall, talk show host Larry Elder. He's hoping to become the next governor of California if current Governor Gavin Newsom is removed in Tuesday's recall election. McGowan called out those who criticize Elder because he doesn't agree with the Black Lives Matter movement. She argued race labels are dangerous and people should focus on humanity instead. 

As of late last week, Democrats made up about 28 percentage points more of voters who cast pre-Election Day ballots than Republicans, according to Political Data Inc., a firm that does work for Democratic candidates, progressive organizations and nonpartisan campaigns. At this point in the 2020 election, the Democratic advantage was closer to 30 points.

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