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Polls Have Closed, Results Start Coming In For Recall of Governor Newsom

More than 9.4 million Californians have voted in the recall election that determines Governor Gavin Newsom's fate. The numbers are climbing each hour, but the latest tallies from Political Data show 42% of recall ballots have been returned. Of those ballots, 51% are from registered Democrats. 26% are from registered Republicans while 23% are from independent voters with no party preference. There are still 12.8 million ballots yet to be returned. The deadline for voting is 8:00pm the night of September 14th. Election ballots mailed in today with a postmark of September 14th will still be counted and those in line at 8pm will still be allowed to cast their vote in person. Some counties are reporting early numbers as they count the mail in voting. Results from in person voting are expected in the coming hours.

This is a developing story. Click here to see results in real time from the Secretary of State.

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