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California Claims School District Majority Almost All In-Person Instruction

Debates Rage Across Nation On Whether To Reopen Schools

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California claims the vast majority of school districts have almost all in-person instruction for students. 

Governor Newsom touted the figures in a visit to a school in Oakland on Wednesday. Newsom added California is the first state to advance out of the CDC's "high" transmission category with "the lowest rates in the entire country." According to the governor’s office, roughly 98% of schools have expanded programs involving tutoring, after-school and mental health. Additionally, the new District 2021-22 Instruction Status Map provides a regional breakdown of student in-person rates, expanded educational opportunities and in-school outbreak-associated cases:

“We implemented the most robust school reopening and safety strategy in the entire county,” said Newsom, “and now California’s students are back in the classroom and schools are remaining open at nation-leading rates.”

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