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CA Voters May Be Required To Show Government ID's For Future Elections

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California voters may one day be required to show their government ID's before voting in an election.

The proposal is called the "California Election Integrity Initiative." It would require election officials to verify the identity of voters, whether they vote in-person or by mail. If the initiative qualifies for the ballot, Californians would vote on it next year. The measure comes shortly after the recall election, where some Republicans were warning voters of fraud and rigged elections without any evidence. It also requires that each county maintain an accurate list of individuals registered to vote, and implement a process to verify that each voter is qualified to cast a ballot.

Verification processes include, but are not limited to, requiring voters to provide social security numbers. “Each county shall have the duty to utilize any government database to maintain an accurate voter registration list and shall remove any individual who is no longer eligible to vote or no longer resides at the address given on their voter registration on file,” an initiative reads.

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