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Northern California Making Plans To Vaccinate Young Children


Photo: AFP

With word that Pfizer may be looking at getting authorization for the COVID vaccine in 5 to 11 year olds next month, Northern California is already getting plans in place to vaccinate young children.

A Sacramento County Grand Jury is recommending Covid-19 Vaccinations for students, teachers and staff. The Sacramento City Unified School District may require vaccinations for those ages 12 and older. The recommendation is calling on more than 260,000 children and thousands of staff to be mandated to have a COVID-19 vaccine as a prerequisite for in-person attendance of classes or school activities. Kim Pedersen, spokesperson for Sacramento Superior Court, emphasized to ABC10 that this isn't a mandate but more of a recommendation to Sacramento County school districts. 

“The spread of the Delta variant has caused many schools to rethink their re-opening plans,” Grand Jury Foreperson Deanna Hanson wrote in a press release. “Children ages twelve and under are among our most vulnerable because they are not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine at this time. The Grand Jury seeks to protect them.”

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