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Sacramento's Newest Homeless Shelter Plan Already Facing A Lawsuit

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Sacramento's homeless shelter plan is facing a lawsuit and could put the $100 million plan in jeopardy. A group known as the Coalition for Compassion and a Sacramento business owner filed legal action in Superior Court last week. The complaint centers on the city sidestepping an environmental impact review and pollution risks to people where shelters may be located under the W-X freeway. Plaintiff Michael Malinowski, who owns Applied Architecture Inc. at 25th and X streets, said tiny homes under the freeway would "create a skid row." He noted that property crime and human excrement are already a problem in that area, and that building more shelters will only make it worse. Currently due to the Hwy 50 construction above W and X streets in Downtown, Caltrans has removed all persons living under the freeway from the area for safety reasons.

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