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State Regulators Say Californians Failed To Meet Water Conservation Targets

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State water regulators say Californians failed to meet water conservation targets set by Governor Newsom. 

Residential water used fell by just 1.8% in july compared to a year earlier - well short of the 15% reduction requested by Newsom. Mendocino and Sonoma counties were successful at hitting the Governor's water reduction target. Southern California has lagged in conservation efforts and even increased water consumption slightly in Los Angeles and San Diego, according to newly released data. Those figures contrasted sharply with regions to the north, where the effects of drought have been felt more heavily. Water suppliers in the North Coast region reported a 16.7% decrease in water usage, while Bay Area water use dropped 8.4%.

The statistics released Tuesday by the State Water Resources Control Board suggest Californians haven’t been enthusiastically embracing Newsom’s appeal for 15% reductions, at least in the early going. “On conservation, we’re going to be needing to do more,” said the board’s chairman, Joaquin Esquivel.

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