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CA's Top Utility Regulator Abruptly Resigns Amid Devastating Wildfires

California's top utility regulator is calling it quits. Marybel Batjer announced her resignation in an email to the state Public Utilities Commission this week. She'll step down at the end of 2021 after two years on the job. Her term was not set to expire until 2027 after Governor Newsom appointed her to the position back in August of 2019. The news comes as California deals with a string of devastating wildfires and constant power blackouts. She previously served as the government operations secretary and came into the position during the start of PG&E's bankruptcy battle after declaring chapter 11 after a series of devastating wildfires. Batjer was heavily involved with the makings of the deal for PG&E to exit bankruptcy back in 2020.

Batjer wrote in the resignation letter: "This was a difficult decision, as I am so proud of the work we have done together in the face of a changing climate and global pandemic. I have had the privilege of serving four California governors and have given my all to public service for many decades. I am now ready for a new challenge and adventure.”

Batjer did not say why she was leaving.

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