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Southwest Airlines Flights Cancelled Over Traffic Control Issues

Photo: AP

Hundreds of Southwest Airlines flights are being cancelled or delayed due to air traffic control issues and disruptive weather. 

Over a thousand flights were affected yesterday, including some from Sacramento International Airport. Southwest says the delays were triggered by the weather and unexpected air traffic control issues out of Florida. Some are speculating the delays are due to the airline's vaccine mandate. Southwest said that was “inaccurate” and “unfounded.” In August, Southwest reduced its schedule in hopes of fixing its operational struggles over the summer that regularly led to dozens of flight cancellations. Pilots, flight attendants and other staff complained about exhaustion from the grueling schedule.

The airline, like some of its rivals, has been struggling with staffing shortfalls for months. Southwest and other carriers urged staff to take buyouts or leave during the peak of the pandemic, only to have demand bounce back faster than expected, according to CNBC.

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