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Over A Dozen Arrests Made Following Illegal Sideshows In Sacramento Region

Photo: Getty Images

In a string of sideshow crackdowns, California Highway Patrol arrested over a dozen people and impounded several cars over the weekend. Police made 5 felony arrests, 16 more arrests for misdemeanor charges, and impounded 8 cars this weekend alone. One person tried to flee the scene, but struck another vehicle who was also attempting to leave the sideshow. Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law into effect last week that is aimed at cracking down on these dangerous sideshows. Assembly Bill 3 goes into effect July 1st, 2025 and will add a driver's license suspension for up to six months to the punishment for convicted offenders. Current California law only allows for jail time of less than 90 days and a fine of no more than $500, or both.

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