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New Poll Finds More Than Half Of Bay Area Residents Plan To Leave Region

A new poll this morning finds more than half of Bay Area residents say they plan to leave the region in “the next few years.”

San Jose think tank Joint Venture Silicon Valley found around 56% of more than 1,600 people surveyed in five counties are considering moving from the area...with 90% citing concerns about housing, cost of living and homelessness. The new survey, which was conducted online in late September by polling firm Embold Research, highlights a growing tension between the Bay Area as a beacon of job opportunities but a place that looks a lot like a financial trap for both renters and aspiring home buyers. While the concerns aren’t new, Hancock said the big question is how many people may be newly emboldened to leave as the pandemic wanes, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Around 90% of respondents expressed concerns about housing, cost of living and homelessness. Across the board, just 48% of those polled said they believe the Bay Area is “moving in the right direction.”

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