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Thousands Protest On State Capitol Over Governor's Mandatory Vaccine Order

Thousands of protesters converged on the State Capitol in Sacramento Monday over the Governor's mandatory vaccination order. 

Earlier this month, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all K-thru-12 students beginning next year. The mandate requires that all elementary through high school students get the shots once the vaccine gains final approval from the U.S. government for different age groups. So far, that approval only has come for those 16 and up. Newsom has said the mandate is expected to apply to grades 7 through 12 on July 1, 2022.

Video from LiveCopter 3 showed a large crowd at the Capitol mid-morning Monday. Organizers of the event say children should not be forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine to attend school, according to the event permit for 2,500 people that was approved by the California Highway Patrol. The mandate takes effect the semester after the federal government grants final approval. A student who refuses to take the vaccine would be forced to complete an independent study course at home.

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