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Rain Restores Lake Tahoe's Natural Rim, More To Come In Following Weeks

Photo: Getty Images

Last weekend's massive rain storm was able to bring enough water into Lake Tahoe to restore the water level back to the natural rim. The water level had previously sat below the natural rim due to the drought conditions experienced all across the state. A U.S. Geological survey shows that the water levels at the Tahoe City Dam rose nearly 6 inches in a 24-hour period. In addition to the rain, over 2 feet of snow fell around the Tahoe Basin, which eventually will be added back into the lake as runoff in the spring. In recent weeks, the levels dipped only an inch or so below the natural rim of the lake, so one massive storm, like the one over the weekend, was able to bring the rim back to the natural level. So much so, it now sits 6 feet above the line. So early on in the season, the water level can only go up as more runoff, rain and snow is scheduled for the rest of the fall and winter seasons. Specialists who study Lake Tahoe are concerned over the prolonged clarity of the lake following recent wildfires in the area. They are also predicting that the region needs to see an above average winter with a strong snowpack in order to maintain the healthy lake levels for the summer.

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