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Highway 99 To Test Changing Speed Limits For Next Six Months

Local drivers on Highway 99 will be subject to changing speed limits for the next six months. 

Caltrans began using variable speed advisory signs yesterday between Sacramento and Elk Grove, as part of a pilot project aiming to reduce traffic congestion. The VSA signs will change speed limits based on current conditions. Also, many on-ramps will have metered lights to control the number of vehicles entering the roadway during commute hours. In addition to reducing stop-and-go traffic, Caltrans is also looking at the VSA signs' impact on collisions and vehicle emissions. Experts say Highway 99 is one of the most dangerous freeways in California.

Highway 99 is known for being a dangerous freeway, with multiple collisions and accidents recorded yearly. Caltrans will collect data to see if the program helps reduce stop-and-go traffic during high congestion travel times. The pilot program is for six months and then Caltrans will decide if they want to continue it.

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