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Rocklin Teacher Under Investigation For Concerning Test Given To Students

A Rocklin high school teacher is under investigation for a test that was given to students at Whitney High School.

Outraged parents provided a copy of the test to local media outlets. A question on the test targets Conservatives. The test asks students to identify, "a group of complete idiots." the possible answers included:

a) KKK

b) All of Florida

c) Fox News

d) Texans

A family friend of the student posted the photo of the question and it has since, gone viral. She thinks the test was intended to generate bad feelings for conservative students, according to CBS Sacramento. “I do believe that the intent of the questions on the test were to ridicule students who had conservative beliefs and make them feel bad for feeling that way,” said Jessica Krissovich, a friend of the student. The student’s family has said they do not want to talk on camera because they fear their child could be further targeted.

Whitney High School's principal says that appropriate disciplinary steps will be taken.

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