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Covid Cases, Hospitalizations And Deaths On Rise In California

UCLA Hospital Copes With Pandemic Surge As California Becomes First State With 3 Million COVID-19 Cases

Photo: Getty Images North America

Covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise across the state.

“It’s not subtle, that’s for sure,” said Dr. George Rutherford, an epidemiologist at UCSF. “The numbers are increasing. Cases are up over the past three weeks. We were down to as low as about 5,000 new cases per day. Now we’re up to 6,000 cases per day. Hospitalizations are up about 4% over two weeks. There have been some big spikes. To me, that is worrisome.” Despite the trend.... California health regulators say the state is better prepared to withstand a surge because more people are vaccinated this year. Roughly 69% of Californians have received at least one dose, and nearly 63 % are fully vaccinated.

The state’s 7-day positivity rate — the percentage of positive coronavirus tests — is now 2.3%, up from 1.9% in late October. The 7-day positivity rate in some regions where hospitalizations are again struggling is higher — 5.2% in Riverside County, 5.6% in Sacramento County and 8.9% in Fresno County, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

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