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Sacramento International Airport Reports Air Travel Rates Are Climbing

Sacramento International Airport is reporting air travel rates are almost back to pre-pandemic levels.

SMF officials say they are seeing travel rates at 85% of where they were in 2019. The Sacramento International Airport expects travel rates to continue to rise as the holiday season revs up. Travelers trying to beat the holiday crowds noticed that operations are changing back to how they were. “It was pretty smooth today, and I am happy about that,” said traveler Ulises Alvarado Llames. “A lot of times our parking will fill up quickly. If you have another way to get to the airport, we encourage you to do that,” SMF’s Scott Johnston advised. “Being dropped off is a major stress relief.”

COVID-19 guidelines, like mask mandate, are still in effect. With Thanksgiving around the corner, airport officials are warning people to start preparing holiday travel immediately.

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