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Traffic Flowing Again On Golden Gate Bridge Following Crash, Five Injured

Traffic is flowing again after a crash on the Golden Gate Bridge near an anti-vaccine mandate protest left five people injured. 

The crash happened last night near the protest, which was attended by hundreds of people. The CHP says two of its officers and three Golden Gate Bridge personnel were injured when a car rear-ended another car. The officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the three bridge workers suffered minor injuries as well. 

Before the rally, one man was arrested by CHP after he tried to stop traffic on the bridge. The man was also charged with resisting arrest. ABC7 spoke to some of the protesters. "I'm advocating for choice in this issue, I don't want people to be forced to put anything in their bodies," said Black Lives Matter advocate Hawk Newsome. The Vista Point parking lot closed early Thursday in anticipation of the protest.

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