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Another School Walkout Rally Planned For State Capitol Today

There is another planned rally at the state capitol coinciding with a school walkout today.

Parents across California may be keeping their kids home from school again, in response to California’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for K through 12-students. A large crowd is also expected at the state capitol for an “Our Children, Our Choice!” rally. “I think the commitment is amongst all these parents that they are not going to give up. They're going to continue to fight, whether it's through a rally, whether it's through writing their representatives, whether it's getting their school boards to pass resolutions that say they will not comply, whatever it is, they will continue to fight,” said Jonathan Zachreson, event organizer for the Our Children, Our Choice Rally.

Co-organizers Amber Faddis and Tess Van Dusen held a similar event last month. Zachreson says nearly 4,000 people attended that rally. “This is not an anti-vaccine rally. You know, whether you're vaccinated or not… everybody is welcome. This is about a choice in regard to the COVID-19 vaccine at school,” Zachreson said.

This morning's planned rally is set to take place on the North side of the California State Capitol starting at 10 am. 

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