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President Biden To Sign Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

President Biden And Vice President Harris Receive Economic Briefing From Treasury Secretary

Photo: Getty Images North America

It looks like infrastructure week is here, with President Biden set to sign a sweeping bipartisan bill later today. 

The more than $1.2 trillion program measure will pay for improvements to roads, bridges, airports, broadband, and other infrastructure nationwide. The package will put $550 billion in new funds into transportation, broadband and utilities. Biden’s signature follows years of failed efforts in Washington to overhaul physical infrastructure, improvements that advocates have said will boost the economy and create jobs. California will receive about $45.5 billion from the infrastructure.

The House aims to pass its version of the bill this week. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to tie the plans as closely together as possible to ensure the centrist and progressive flanks of her party backed both, according to CNBC. “We know what it will mean. It will create millions of new jobs, it’ll grow the economy and we’ll win the world economic competition,” Biden told his cabinet Friday.

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