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Attorney General Rob Bonta Challenging Decision On Banning Private Prisons

Attorney General Rob Bonta is challenging a decision by the 9th Circuit Court that blocks the state's efforts to ban the use of private prisons. 

Passed in 2019 AB 32 sought to cutback the state's cooperation on immigration detention by slowly closing private prisons, which set to phase out all private prisons in the state by 2028. ICE and private prison operator Geo Group immediately opposed the plan and sued the state, as it superseded federal law and federal detention efforts. Citizens groups also opposed the plan due to the massive job loss that closing the prisons would bring.

“As the lead author of AB 32 in the Assembly, I’m proud to be able to now defend the law on behalf of the people of California as Attorney General,” said Bonta. “The record is clear: For-profit, private prisons and detention facilities that treat people like commodities pose an unacceptable risk to the health and welfare of Californians. AB 32 puts people over profits. It is a law of general applicability that recognizes the federal government’s own documented concerns over these facilities. California will continue to press forward to ensure the dignity and rights of everyone in our state are protected. We respectfully ask the Ninth Circuit to let us make our case.”

Law experts also noted that the Appellate ruling would most likely stand as well. The court’s decision on the request is expected to be made soon.

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