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Parent Charged For Tackling Referee During Roseville Youth Soccer Game

A parent who recently attacked a referee at a youth soccer game in Roseville is now facing criminal charges. A video of the incident has since been widely circulated, shows 34-year old Vicente Robles of Sacramento tackling a ref to the ground and yelling at the man. Robles is now being charged with misdemeanor battery against a sports official. The incident happened during an under-16 soccer match at Festersen Park on October 30th. Robles says he was defending his 15-year old son after the ref pushed his son with both hands.

Roseville Police were initially called to the scene but there's uncertainty about what led up to the actions on video which illustrate the soccer dad running across the field and blindsiding the referee. 31-year-old referee Andrew Reali is said to be doing well after what he describes as feeling like he got hit by a train. The NorCal Premier Soccer Organization has suspended the team's coach for failing to control his team's spectators. The league is also recommending the team be suspended from playing until next summer due to the outburst.

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