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Investigations Underway For Group Of Masked People Rush Roseville Galleria

Investigations are underway after a group of masked people rushed inside the Roseville Galleria. 

Strangely though, nothing was stolen or damaged, and they ran back outside after just a few seconds. The Roseville Police Department received multiple calls Monday evening about the incident. Witnesses say there were between five and ten people, described as men, wearing masks and face coverings. This comes amid a string of high-end store robberies in Northern California, involving larger groups of people also concealing their identities. Roseville Police call the Galleria incident highly suspicious.

This comes days after department stores in other parts of Northern California were ransacked. On Saturday, about 80 people wearing ski masks and wielding crowbars looted a Nordstrom in Walnut Creek. The day before, several high-end stores in San Francisco's Union Square were broken into by a large group of people who smashed windows, stole merchandise and then ran to waiting cars.

During the holiday timeframe and the resulting heightened traffic, the Roseville Galleria has an increase of security presence and employs Roseville Police Department as well as the Placer County Sheriff mounted patrol. 

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