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More Than 90% Of SCUSD Students Are Reportedly Unvaccinated


Photo: AFP

More than 90% of students within the Sacramento Unified School District are unvaccinated or have not reported their status according to the latest data, but SCUSD students 12 and older must have at least one vaccine dose by November 30th in order to continue in-person learning next semester.

Students that are granted an exemption must do regular COVID-19 testing. Unvaccinated students without an exemption will have to start remote learning next semester. Less than 1% of students have been granted an exemption so far. "Primarily, we want children vaccinated for their own health but, especially for children going to school," said Dr. Dean Blumberg, a pediatric infectious disease specialist with UC Davis Health. "They've had such disruptive school and social lives that we really want to minimize the chances of any outbreaks in school."

SCUSD's vaccination status data online shows there are 19,298 students 12 and up. As of Tuesday, 3,008 reported getting at least one vaccine dose, and 42 received exemptions.

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