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Lakewood Police Arrest Four Suspects Linked To Smash-And-Grab Theft

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Police in Lakewood have arrested four suspects in the latest reported incident of a smash-and-grab theft in California. 

The theft occurred Friday night at a Home Depot when about ten people entered the store and made off with a haul of stolen tools. Four of the suspects -- which included two teenagers -- were arrested this weekend in a car matching the description of a car used in the flash mob theft Friday night. This latest theft comes amid a series of smash-and-grab thefts around the country.  “They had the sledgehammers ready to hit people who were trying to stop them,” Luis Romo, Home Depot employee said. Lestorkindle, Jackson and Jones were being held in lieu of $20,000 bail and are due Tuesday in the Bellflower Courthouse, authorities said. DeHughes was being medically treated before being booked.

The Los Angeles Police Department declared a citywide tactical alert on Friday night after a string of robberies in the area early in the evening, including an incident in which at least 10 men robbed a store at 130 S. La Brea Ave., pushed employees to the ground and fled, according to LAPD Officer Mike Lopez. Flash mob rings have also hit luxury stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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